Windfall Room is a poetry publication & archive presenting high-quality video recitations. 

We love all manner of poems. The most common way to experience a poem, even on digital platforms, is through the written word. Far less common by comparison, but no less wonderful, is to experience a poem well-recited by a human. We wish to be a place for recited poems.

Each issue Windfall Room publishes a poet reciting one of their own works in a high-quality audio/video format. There is no accompanying text version of the poem.

Click the ︎ in each issue to read more about the poem and author.


Open! To any/all kinds of faces, places and poems in 2021. Please see past work on Windfall Room for examples of what we are looking for.


We aim to publish pieces that combine these three main elements to create a finished work greater than the sum of its parts:

1) Excellent poem

The poet memorizes well a poem of their own that represents their best work that would be good for this project. It is okay for the poem to have been published elsewhere.

2) Recited well on location

The recitation should be practiced so the poet's face, delivery, and words are featured; the expression of the poem in the person and place is what is important, not camerawork or editing. The shot should be one take. Please do multiple takes however and send the best one without mistakes. The location should have some significance to the poet/poem, though this can be loosely interpreted— it is meant to serve the poem and recitation. 

3) Recorded well

We are looking for high quality media. We wish to avoid the Zoom-meeting or selfie context. All video must be shot in landscape/horizontal format. It is best to have a second person there to record, hold the camera, and direct, leaving the poet free to simply give the poem in the best way. Audio is often the most difficult. When recording using a smartphone is the video is usually fine but the audio quality poor. An external mic, a mic attachment, or some other audio equipment is ideal. 

We are so looking forward to seeing/hearing your poems. Please submit your finished recitation to the contact email below with SUBMISSION as the subject. In the body of the email please include: 

1) A link to your recitation via dropbox, google drive, WeTransfer, or any such thing.
2) Title of poem and location (geographical) in the way you want it to appear
3) A few sentences about the poem and location
4) A brief bio
5) Name for film credit 


︎ windfallroom [at] gmail [dot] com
︎ @windfall_room
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