Windfall Room is a poetry publication presented in high-quality video recitations. 

We love all manner of poems. The most common way to experience a poem, even on digital platforms, is through the written word. Far less common by comparison, but no less wonderful, is to experience a poem well-recited by a human. We wish to be a place for recited poems.

Each month Windfall Room publishes a poet reciting one of their own works in a high-quality audio/video format. There is no accompanying text version of the poem.

Click the ︎ in each issue to read more about the poem and author.


Open! To any/all kinds of faces, places and poems.

If you are interested in having a recitation featured, please reach out at the email below for guidelines.


︎ windfallroom [at] gmail [dot] com

Edited by Nick Maione

Made in Pioneer Valley 2018